New to HubSpot App Marketplace: Text Message Marketing Automation
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New to HubSpot App Marketplace: Text Message Marketing Automation

October 15, 2019

HubSpot’s various marketplaces aim to make marketers’ and designers’ jobs easier by providing them with web templates, modules, and apps. One of the latest additions to the app marketplace is SMSZap. SMSZap is a text message marketing automation platform that can transform how you communicate with your leads and customers.

Here is a more thorough look at this new HubSpot marketplace listing.


What is Text Message/SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing and text message marketing are interchangeable terms. They involve a brand or company sending messages to prospects and customers straight to their mobile device. Because SMS marketing has higher open, click, and conversion rates, more brands are beginning to look into platforms that provide the service. With text message marketing automation platforms, companies can send a bevy of different campaigns to their contacts, from promotions, bill alerts, and appointment reminders.

What is SMSZap?

SMSZap is an example of an SMS marketing automation platform. SMSZap allows HubSpot marketers (using Marketing Professional and Enterprise) to text their prospects and customers straight from their HubSpot portal. Yes, you read that correctly. HubSpot can text now!

SMSZap works with HubSpot by utilizing its workflow extensions and timeline events. The application integrates with lists, lead-scoring, workflows, CRM profiles, and more. Through these, you can send personalized two-way communication or bulk messages to your contacts in minimal time. SMSZap is supported globally, so if you have an international audience, you can reach them as well.

How Does it Automate Communication?

You can set up automated campaigns directly from workflows in HubSpot – much like you would set up an automated email campaign. For example, if you want to text a confirmation message every time someone sets up an appointment with your business, you can set it up in a few minutes right in your portal. With SMSZap’s capabilities, your audience will never miss vital information again.

SMSZap can also help you meet your other business goals, like reaching more people, increasing engagement, improving customer support, and more.

Why Was SMSZap Created?

At LyntonWeb, we have a history of innovation. That means we not only create new technology but build upon existing technology to provide users a better experience. We are avid HubSpot users ourselves and dedicate time to enhancing others’ experience with HubSpot. Why? We see the importance of making HubSpot more valuable for everyone who uses it, whether it’s ourselves or you.

We care so much about innovation that we have an entire team dedicated to it. Our Research and Development (R&D) department is continuously working to come up with fresh new ideas to benefit current and future customers. They work tirelessly to develop new products, maintain our integration solutions, create automated solutions, and provide technical documentation and training.

What’s Next?

Our R&D engineers are eager to build, so it’s safe to say you should keep your eyes peeled for new technology from LyntonWeb in the HubSpot marketplace. For now, we continue to enhance SMSZap to make it easy to use and beneficial – and something that can grow with your marketing strategy.  

If you would like to learn more about our R&D team, feel free to reach out. Or, if you’re ready to start automating your text message communication, sign up for SMSZap today.