SMSZap Expands Access and Ease of Use with New Features
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SMSZap Expands Access and Ease of Use with New Features

February 9, 2021

Are you a current SMSZap user? Considering onboarding the platform to ramp up your SMS marketing strategy? If so, it may be time to rejoice. The SMSZap team has added new features to expand access to the tool, so getting up and running with text message marketing is a cinch.

Here’s a look at two new features and why we made them.

HubSpot Login Experience

If you like multiple login methods at work, you’ll like this! When SMSZap was first launched, only select users could log in and use the platform within HubSpot. Now everyone with access to your HubSpot portal and access to your contacts, workflows, and timeline events can connect to SMSZap.

SMS Templates

SMS Messenger is a feature within SMSZap that lets you easily direct message your prospects from a contact record in HubSpot and see your entire conversation on one screen. Now, with SMS templates, you can communicate with leads and customers quicker than ever. Instead of writing and rewriting texts you regularly send, you can easily select a template and send. When accessing the templates for the first time, you’ll see a null screen and be prompted to create templates of your own, which you can use later on. 

You can even add personalization tokens in the templates to make your 1:1 texting even easier. 

Here’s a look:

Why the SMSZap Team Made These Updates

SMS marketing has seen exponential growth in the last five years and will only increase. In fact, as of 2020, 80% of consumers say they prefer to text with a business. At SMSZap, our goal is to help you excel at your SMS marketing through our automation tools. With easier access to the platform, the right users can quickly login in and get to work. Templates will make starting and navigating conversations with your network effortless. Both updates, along with the current features of SMSZap, will make your path to effective SMS marketing simple – and within your entire team’s reach!

Interested in Learning More?

While we hope these new features are simple to use, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. If you’re ready to get started with SMSZap, sign up here.