Introducing SMS Messenger: A New Way to Message Contacts One-on-One
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Introducing SMS Messenger: A New Way to Message Contacts One-on-One

October 21, 2019

Marketing and sales teams everywhere know how important it is to align their efforts for business success. A lack of consistency across teams could mean losing a sale or irritating a customer. The SMSZap team saw this need for alignment and developed a new tool to help teams easily track communication with HubSpot contacts.

SMS Messenger is the newest feature in SMSZap’s communication mix and will allow you to better engage with prospects and customers one-on-one. Let’s dive into this new feature so you can get started with it today.

What is SMS Messenger? 

SMS Messenger is an easier way to direct message your prospects from a contact record in HubSpot. Previously, one-to-one messages on a contact record could be viewed by searching contact properties on a contact record. Now with SMS Messenger, all of your messages are on one screen. Your sales and marketing team members can scroll through the history of messages with a specific contact and pick up right where the last message left off.


How to Get Started with SMS Messenger

If you’re an SMSZap customer, SMS Messenger is already loaded in your portal and ready to use. Simply click on the contact you want to communicate with, scroll down on the right-hand side of the contact record, and hit “send SMSZap message.” A window will pop up displaying your previous messages with that contact.

sms-deliveredAs you type your message, SMS Messenger will tell you how many texts it will take to send your message including GSM and unicode encoding. SMS Messenger allows you to choose from long codes, short codes, alphanumeric codes, geographically closest, or load balanced numbers from the drop down in the upper right-hand corner. It will also tell you the real-time status of your text, whether that’s sending, sent, delivered or failed to deliver.

How You Can Use One-to-One SMS Communication

There are limitless options when it comes to communicating with contacts in your portal. Texting offers a more effective and personal way to engage with your community. Here are a few ways you can use SMS Messenger to interact with your contacts:

  • Sales and Onboarding - If you have their permission, texting is a much more personal way to engage with your prospect than email. Send your prospects reminders before a call or a thank you note after finishing a call with you.
  • Meeting Links - Have an upcoming meeting with a prospect? Text them a reminder with the phone number or meeting link so they are ready to hop on the call.
  • Customer Support - When your customers need help, it’s important to resolve their issue with the least amount of friction. Because most people are always on their phones, it only makes sense to use texting for customer support.
  • Reminders and Promotions - Do you want to really delight your customers? Use one-to-one communication to send special promotions and product updates.

Your options are endless! As long as your contact has given you permission to text them, your marketing and sales teams can watch your engagement soar with SMS Messenger.

Not an SMSZap User Yet?

No worries, signing up is easy. Simply connect SMSZap to your HubSpot portal and start texting your customers and prospects today. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to help. Connect with us here or get started with SMSZap.