How to Use SMS for College Admissions Communication
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How to Use SMS for College Admissions Communication

October 20, 2020

College admission season is right around the corner, and like everything in 2020, it may look a little different. This year has already seen schools and education institutions adapt by embracing more digital strategies, such as SMS marketing. Is your university team prepared? If you need ideas on how to text with your potential students during the admission process, keep reading!


Plenty of high school students already have an idea about which college they’d like to attend. At some point, they may have already opted into your SMS communication. If so, you could encourage them to apply via a quick text that links them to information, including where to find the application, what’s needed, any deadlines, and how to submit.  

Thank You’s

After a student has submitted his or her application, and confirmed their mobile number, follow up with a thank you text. You could include any relevant information like office hours, locations, or contact information.

Missing Documents

If an applicant has forgotten to upload any part of their application – such as a recommendation letter, for example – a quick SMS with a link to your admissions portal can rectify the situation.

Status Updates

For many high school seniors, they’re anxious about college – particularly to know if they got into the school of their choice. Ease their minds by texting updates like:

  • Whether or not the application has been received
  • When the application will be reviewed
  • Who will be reviewing it, and if they have it in their possession
  • Any other follow-ups the student may need to do

Next Steps

Not all application processes are created equally. Some may require a simple written application. Others may involve interviews, essays, and more. Keep your applicants in the know by building out an SMS campaign with this information!


Perhaps the most popular SMS campaign involves texting reminders to your contacts. Universities can tap into this, too! As noted above, if there’s something like an interview or essay needed, make sure that the student doesn’t miss the appointment or deadline by sending a reminder text. Similarly, you can text our reminders to pay any application fees or if that student needs to provide more documents.


You’ll likely send a formal acceptance letter to your new student’s home address, but you could keep the congratulatory train chugging through an SMS campaign. This could also be your first opportunity to start texting them ideas or tips on what to expect as a new college student.

1:1 Communication

Let your future students’ text you! They probably have a thousand different questions, including ones you couldn’t imagine on your own. So, give them an easy way to ask about what to expect, the process, and anything else on their minds.

Brainstorm More Ideas

Hopefully, these suggestions have made the idea of using SMS during your college admission process more achievable. If you’d like to go over additional ideas related to admissions, or any other aspect of college life, let us know. We’re happy to brainstorm!