See Your Estimated Monthly Charges with Our SMSZap Pricing Calculator

SMSZap offers flexible pricing options with bulk volume contracts or a pay-as-you-go account. Base monthly fees begin at $5 and include a free US number, with the option to add additional US, international, short codes, and toll-free numbers. Use our pricing calculator to get a better estimate of your monthly SMSZap charges.

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Why Use SMSZap?

With SMSZap, engaging with your contacts will be easier than ever. Learn how you’ll get the most from your SMS marketing experience through our text message automation tool’s features.

Personalized Messaging
Reduced Spam Triggers
Opt-out and Re-Subscribe Management
Native Integration with HubSpot
Bulk Automation
Scheduling and Allowed Send Times
International Capabilities
Dedicated Short Codes
Update Contact Properties from Responses
Create Contacts from Inbound SMS
Pricing Made For You

Simple Pricing Options for Any Marketing Team


$5 /mo

Our simple, pay-as-you-go pricing plan starts at $5.00 per month, with added costs for additional phone numbers and text messages. Sign Up Today
Your plan comes with:
  • One free U.S. number
  • 2.5 cents per message
  • Available international numbers
  • All the features of SMSZap


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For companies interested in high-volume texting, our enterprise plan can be customized for you.

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Your plan comes with:
  • Discounts for high-volume
  • Dedicated short code
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Bulk texting contract options
  • All the features of SMSZap
  • Onboarding, training, and configuration
  • 2.5 cents per message
  • Recommended for those sending 100k+ texts per month

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International numbers
Dedicated short code
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Package Price

Pricing Calculator

Enter your phone number and message expectations below for an estimated price.


Add numbers for each country you need.

# of Phone Numbers
Price per number (USD)
Total (USD)
US - United States
$ 0.00
Another Country

*Texting mass messages to U.S. numbers? You may face additional 10DLC registration charges.


How many messages do you plan to send and receive?

# of Messages
Price per message (USD)
Total (USD)
Another Country

*Both inbound and outbound messages count towards messaging fees.

Your Estimated Monthly Charges

Basic fee
$ 5.00
Numbers total
$ 0.00
Messages total
$ 0.00
Total Estimated Monthly Charges
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to your pricing questions now.

Does international pricing cost more?

International pricing varies by country. After that, your price depends on the total amount of messages you send each month. To get the best sense of what you may pay, use the above pricing calculator.

How much do additional phone numbers cost?

Additional phones number, toll-free numbers, and short codes can be purchased, starting at $2 per number. We recommend buying additional numbers for high volume senders (25K+ SMS messages per month.) To get additional numbers, submit a ticket to SMSZap here.

Can I purchase a pre-paid bulk texting contract?

You buy the amount of texts you need through a pre-paid contract if you do not want to pay monthly. When you are a  month away from your renewal or exceed 90% of your threshold, we will notify you.

How does international pricing work?

An SMS message is always charged based on the country where it was received, not the country you are sending the message from. For instance, if you send a "Hello, world" message from US, Italian, and Australian based ZAP numbers to the same mobile phone based in France, you will pay the same price for three SMS messages sent to France. NOTE: The same prices apply to messages sent from your Alphanumeric ID and to the messages received on your ZAP number(s).

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