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SMSZap offers flexible pricing options with bulk volume contracts or a pay-as-you-go account! Your base monthly fee includes a free US number, with the option to add additional US and international numbers. Toll-free numbers and short codes are available and recommended for high volume senders (25K+ SMS messages per month). If you have any more questions around pricing or volume delivery, please check out our FAQs below or contact us here.


One free US number provided. Add additional local or international numbers to estimate your monthly cost.

Add numbers for each country need a number for.

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Pricing determined by which country receives the message. Discount applied with bulk messaging.

How many messages do you plan to send?

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$ 5.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How does international pricing work?

An SMS message is always charged based on the country where it was received, not the country you are sending the message from. For instance, if you send a "Hello, world" message from US, Italian, and Australian based Zap numbers to the same mobile phone based in France, you will pay the same price for three SMS messages sent to France. NOTE: The same prices apply to messages sent from your Alphanumeric ID and to the messages received on your Zap number(s).

Does SMSZap support toll-free and short code numbers?

Yes. You can submit a ticket to SMSZap support and we will get in touch with you. When submitting a ticket, you can request to buy a new toll-free or short code number, or you can request to transfer your existing toll-free or short code number to SMSZap. Tickets are submitted within SMSZap here

If I purchase a bulk texting contract, how am I notified when I reach my limit?

When you exceed 90% of your text volume purchased or have one month left in your contract (whichever comes first) you will receive communication from our team around either purchasing more texts or renewing your subscription with us.

Do you accommodate high volume texting?

We do! Our calculator accounts for high volume discounts to give you an estimate of cost. There are a few items we would like to understand before signing you up, so please contact sales here to discuss next steps!