Jumpstart Your SMSZap Journey with Customized Onboarding and Training

Shorten Your Time to Value with SMS Marketing

Whether you’re just getting started with SMS marketing or recently switched platforms to SMSZap, we’re here for you with our fully customizable onboarding services. With SMSZap onboarding, you’ll receive guidance from our HubSpot experts, including: 

  • Tailored training that reflects the needs of your business and communication goals
  • Advice revolving around creative solutions, use cases, and SMS strategy 
  • Reporting to prove the value of your SMS marketing efforts faster 
  • Tips and tricks to encourage long-term adoption of the platform

For $500, we will collaborate with your team in four one-hour sessions. When we’re done, you’ll have the tools you need to succeed with your first SMSZap campaign.

SMSZap is available internationally. Our onboarding services are only available during U.S. working hours.

Here’s a quick overview of each session:

  1. One: Strategy and Goal Setting -- Before we get started, we want to know the business problems you’re trying to solve with SMSZap so we can brainstorm the correct approach. 
  2. Two: Planning -- With an SMS strategy in place, we’ll work out necessary workflows to make your goals come to life, including segmentation, automation, and SMS copy suggestions. 
  3. Three: Configuration and Optimization -- After receiving your approval, we’ll build and test your SMSZap workflows and show you how it’s done in the platform so you can optimize in the future.
  4. Four: Reporting -- Based on your outlined goals, we’ll create preliminary SMSZap reports and provide training so you can recreate and build upon them. 

Make sure your SMSZap campaigns are effective from the start by signing up for SMSZap onboarding from Lynton. Fill out the form on this page to get started today.

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