SMSZap Frequently Asked Questions

New to SMS marketing or need help understanding how this works? Browse common questions below or contact us for more.

SMS Marketing 101

What is SMSZap?

SMSZap is a marketing automation platform built natively for HubSpot. Send personalized two-way communication or bulk messages to your customers and prospects all from your HubSpot portal. SMSZap is supported internationally, so your prospects across the globe can be nurtured the same way as your prospects next door.

Who can use SMSZap or SMS messaging?

If you feel like texting with your clients or leads would be useful, then you can – and should – use SMSZap. Because of SMSZap’s international capabilities, anyone across the globe can use it.

What can you use SMS marketing for?

SMS can be used for a wide array of B2C and B2B campaigns like welcome campaigns, appointment reminders, service alerts, customer support, notifications for events, sales, and other promotions.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy. It starts with simply filling out this form. Once you do, starting your first campaign will be simple. Sending and receiving SMS will only take a few minutes out of your teams' day, and we are available for fast support through our ticketing system.


How much does it cost?

The "Pay-as-you-go" plan helps you scale with your SMS marketing efforts. It starts at $5 per month with all companies receiving a free U.S. number after signing up. From there, the price is dependent on where you are sending the messages to and the total amount of messages you send each month.

Does it cost more for international messaging?

International pricing varies by country. To see just how much it would cost you, use our pricing calculator.

Can I buy additional phone numbers?

 If you need more than one dedicated number, you can purchase additional ones starting at $2 per number.

Can I purchase a pre-paid contract if I don’t want to pay monthly?

Yes! You can purchase your necessary amount of texts through a pre-paid contract. When you are one month away from your renewal or exceed 90% of your threshold, you will receive a notification from our team.

Will I be charged for failed messages?

Sometimes messages fail due to issues like exceeding daily limits for countries with strict regulations or phone numbers no longer registered to a user. Any message placed for delivery will be charged regardless of its final delivery status.


Can I purchase more than one number?

Every SMSZap account comes with one free U.S. number but you can purchase extra numbers, including international, toll-free and short codes, starting at $2.

Does SMSZap allow call forwarding if someone calls back to a number?

 Yes, our team can help set up this functionality if you need it.

Does SMSZap support toll-free and shortcode numbers?

Yes. You can use your existing numbers or buy new toll-free numbers by submitting a SMSZap support ticket here.

Can I set up an alphanumeric sender ID?

Yes, in certain countries. To set up an Alphanumeric ID, go to Zap Phone Number in SMSZap Settings and hit "Get Alphanumeric ID." Type in the desired ID and hit "Get ID." If you are interested in an alphanumeric sender ID, please contact us for more information.

Managing SMS in HubSpot with SMSZap

How do I send my first message?

Because SMSZap integrates with HubSpot, you can engage with your contacts from HubSpot marketing workflows, your CRM, or through bulk imports. To create a campaign, navigate to "Automation" then "Workflow." Once you've created the workflow, you'll need to input your enrollment triggers. To get more details, visit this blog.

Does SMSZap integrate with the HubSpot inbox dashboard?

No. However, SMSZap has its own general dashboard and you can leverage workflow goals and lists to run reports.

What version of Hubspot do I need to use SMSZap?

Anyone with a HubSpot account can use SMSZap, however in order to access automated features, you will need a Professional account or higher.

How do I schedule SMSZap messages?

You can change the default schedule by going to SMSZap Scheduling. Hit "Edit" in the top right corner. There, you can toggle off particular days and prohibit SMS messages to be sent during these days. Additionally, you can click on time bars showing the allowed time and change sending times. Once you finish, hit "Save."

How do I know I received a reply?

There are several ways you can view responses to your SMSZap messages: HubSpot Active Lists, SMSZap Reports, HubSpot Notification Workflows, and your contact’s timeline.

Can I trigger additional workflows or automation based on SMS responses?

Yes. You can do so by leveraging HubSpot’s “If/Then” branching logic to read responses. This can then trigger additional automation like a follow-up text, email, or internal notification.


How does the opt-out process work?

Your contacts can simply reply to your SMS message with a single-word message STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, and QUIT and they will be automatically excluded from future texts.

What type of reporting does SMSZap offer?

Currently, you can track your sends, receives, and opt-outs through SMSZap’s timeline reporting and analytics.

Who can I interact with through SMSZap?

Engage with contacts from HubSpot Marketing Workflows, Bulk Imports, and HubSpot CRM

Can I personalize my SMS messages?

Yes, through HubSpot personalization tokens and tailored send-times.